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Adventure Pilot


Adventure Pilot wants to show how i-Fly EFB, their intuitive, newly-redesigned EFB app, stands out above the rest.


Adventure Pilot's brand is strictly tied to their iFly-EFB app. Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) contain flight plans, weather updates/alerts, visual cues, flight instrumentation and more. It’s everything a pilot would need to fly, done for them, all in a single app.


i-Fly EFB’s intuitive user interface was the main draw for the app. The challenge arises when trying to convey just how many functions there are without bogging down the designs with lists or excessive iconography.


Private piloting is a lifestyle. The target audience eats, sleeps and breathes flying. This concept shows the ingrained nature of the pilot and how iFly-EFB can take them back to the reason they started flying by letting them experience the fun of flying without the hassle of planning.

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