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Led visual direction and design execution for billboards, menus, digital ads, gift cards, POP displays, and motion storyboards.

Collaborated with copywriters, creative directors, and project managers for quick turnaround on complex projects.

Utilized Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop for effective designs in multi-billion dollar franchises.

Showcasing strong time management skills and self-sufficiency with Adobe Workfront to manage multiple projects concurrently.

Played a key role in Cinemark’s rebranding, overseeing print and digital menu rebranding to align designs with the new aesthetic.

Organized a large volume of photos, menus, ads, and files for efficient workflow.

Edited photos to ensure brand consistency and maintain high-quality standards.

Collaborated with outside brands and movie studios (Teremana, Paramount, Marvel, Eon), meeting brand guidelines and reflecting specific aesthetics.

Regularly updated menus company-wide, aligning them with various sub-brands within Cinemark while maintaining overall brand standards and rebranding efforts.




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